Arcen is an NGO whose purpose is to rebuild Bucharest through culture & communities.

In the context on this years pandemic, Arcen created the Poetry Nights as a manifesto against fear and solitude, through contemporary poetry, music and dance.

12 editions happened starting end of July until September.
  • Products offered for every edition, for guests and team
  • Communication support on our social media
  • Creative approach: we launched an online call for poems asking “can a poen change the city?“. We received an avalanche of poems. The contest was posted online on Arcen’s social media channels: FB & IG.

“Can a poem change the city? We believe so. Send us a poem inspired by this question, that you have written, on the email address: contact@arcen.info until 3rd of September, 12p.m. We will select 5 poems that will be read at the event on the 5th of september. The winners will also get RAW prizes from Urban Monkey.”

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