A manifesto-event that for 14th years closed street for cars and opened it for people. A new concept to bring together people’s ideas for the city while keeping social distancing.

A puzzle-event spread around the city and re-composed online. People of Bucharest were asked to come up with ideas that could improve their lives in the neighbourhoods and make it more sustainable.

Street Delivery perfectly matches our brand bettering city idea.

Change the Face of the City Hope For Bucharest

Project details

At Street Delivery Type Thursday Bucharest came up with Hope for Bucharest? a mural painting that brings optimism to its inhabitants.

During the 3 days of the event they restore and painted on of the popular gangways of Bucharest, in front of Sala Palatului.

URBAN MONKEY support to change the face of the city

Support Street Delivery in order for them to implement a higher number of projects for the hood:

  • Yoga Delivery
  • Cărți în cartier
  • Acoperișul Verde
  • Viitor Plus
  • Accept – Insula Queer

Strengthen the support for projects that needed more resources:

  • Înăuntru
  • Dâmbovița Delivery
  • Quinet Delivery
  • Type Thursday Bucharest
Overall support for Street Delivery in order to achieve the ambitious city bettering 2020 resolutions: murals paintings, mini-concerts, street exhibitions, urban activations, eco-friendly initiatives.

Yo-Garden Delivery

At Street Delivery

6 yoga sessions in Cișmigiu park delivered by yoga instructor Hitesh Bhatt. People could subscribe online in order to attend.

Edgar Quinet Workshops

Project’s mission:

  • Transform Edgar Quinet street in a street for pedestrians, not only at Street Delivery, but also a few weekends afterwards
  • Redefine public space: books, music & ping pong while keeping social distance

Queer Island

Association’s mission

Protecting and promoting LGBT people’s rights in Romania.

At Street Delivery

Create a queer mural on one of the walls of Accept House & paint the fence in rainbow colours with the help of the community. A place for queer community: music, dance & workshops.


About the project

Înăuntru project gathered and illustrated in a virtual block of flats on Instagram a bunch of stories during the isolation period:

At Street Delivery

Move the project offline and project the virtual block on a real block of flats.

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