Romanian Design Week is a 10 days festival that promotes design as a pad for cultural, social and economical growth.

Diploma is a proud showcase for creative schools and an interdisciplinary connector for the future generation of creators.

As we share the same belief that societies can change and upgrade through design we’ve made Romanian Design Week one of our main bettering city project in 2020.

Happened from September and October 2020, both for 10 days each.

3 Pillars Collaboration With RDW

RDW×Artist Edition of Urban Monkey – YUMMY YUMMY & AVONATION

Two local artists LOST.OPTICS and ARGAETIC were commissioned to design the front label of the two Urban Monkey RAW juices. This way, the label turned into a platform for communicating RDW, the local artists and our support for city bettering projects.

Urban Monkey – #playground

Urban Monkey supports RDW Urban Playground with a balance board area – if you are missing snow or waves in our city – this is the hot spot to see your “mates”, exchange memories and plans to get back to slopes or waves. And meanwhile to practice your balance skills or just have fun around.

2 special designed Urban Monkey balance boards + 2 mats + a poster with instructions + (preferably) one trainer and you’re ready to roll

Urban Monkey #urbanmobility

Urban Monkey supports those who find alternative means of transportation, whoever takes the bike, the rollers, the skate or just their feet vs the car. Not just to stay fit and healthy but also to care for the city staying healthy, and eventually for the mother nature.

We started a collaboration with RDW to design & place Bike Racks in the city that will continue with an open call for design and production of many more Bike Racks, to make it easy for the bike commuters and to inspire & encourage more people to get on bikes.

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