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Mango Pop (Smoothie 8 BIO)

Mango Pop (Smoothie 8 BIO)
Mango, Orange

Pentru că ne plac vitaminele și enzimele așa cum le-a lăsat mama-natură, produsele noastre nu sunt tratate termic. Urban Monkey este pur și simplu RAW.


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According to the provisions of the Law no.677 / 200, our clients have the following rights:

1) Right to information (Article 12)

2) Right of access to data (art.13) - the right to obtain, on request and free of charge, for a request per year, the confirmation that the data concerning it are processed or not by the data controller.

3) Right to intervene (Article 14) - the right to request the data controller, on written request and free of charge, the following:

a) Rectify, update, block or delete incomplete, inaccurate or unlawful data;

b) Transformation of unlawful personal data into anonymous data;

(c) Notifying third parties of the operations referred to in point (a) and (b).

4) The right to opposition (art. 15) - the right to oppose, free of charge and on a written request, for well-founded and legitimate reasons related to his / her particular situation, that his data are intended to be processed.

5) The right to appeal to the courts (Article 18) - the right to appeal to the courts for the protection of the rights guaranteed by the law and which have been violated.

6) Right to complain to the supervisory authority (Article 25).

Bio Box

BIO BOX îți oferă un boost de vitamine și nutrienți activi ca tu să fii în formă în orice sezon. Este primul pachet de băuturi ecologice din România. Box-ul conține 16 băuturi BIO/ECO, RAW, presate la rece și super yummy. Le poți consuma după bunul plac sau poți urma recomandările de consum pentru 2 sau 4 zile. Băuturile noastre nu conțin zahăr adăugat.