By Alexandra Negulescu

Whether you are a yogi, a runner, a fitness enthusiast or sportsman of any kind, one thing we have in common is the need for rehydration after a very intense training session.

I often feel the need to be a simple student, so in some days I share my personal practice to go to hot yoga.

A dynamic flow, in a heated room at the end of the day, comes as a reward for everything we've done over the course of a day. And as a class of hot yoga is an intense one in which I sweat a lot, I always care to rehydrate myself. With excessive sweating, we lose plenty of essential salts and minerals, so coconut water comes as a miracle for my body.

If you have never drank coconut water, you may not like it first. My advice is to give it another chance, and until we get to a remote beach where we can drink directly from a coconut, I want you to know that my favorite is the raw coconut water from Urban Monkey.

Here are some of its benefits:

It’s super hydrating. It refills you after a physical effort

It’s packed with antioxidants, that fight the free radicals for protecting all the cells in your body

It makes you pretty. So you get even more compliments, in a healthy way.

It calms the blood pressure, making your heart beat stronger only for the things that really matter.

It boosts your metabolism, burning „bad fats” on fast forward.

It gives you super-energy.

It helps you lose weight in a smart way, with a smile upon your face, fewer calories and a raw non-quilty pleasure

It’s really good for your stress. An antioxidant full of vitamins for everything that doesn’t make you smile.

It’s packed with super – minerals, giving you optimistic strength for an urban adventure.